magnetic lashes
weightless and fluffy magnetic lashes,
reusable for up to 40+ daily wears
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strip lashes
Beginner friendly lashes.
Lightweight wear & comfort.
Reusable for up to 25+ daily wears.
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coraline lashes

wispy, soft and fluffy

Our Values


With true vision of beauty in mind, we take pride in creating lashes for your everyday wear and comfort without irritation and discomfort.

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high quality fibres

Ultra-fine fibres that are soft at the touch, flexible and natural, mimicking your own natural lashes as they are lightweight. Our lashes are designed to withstand more handling, even after when wet.

Long lasting

Lashes designed to be worn all day long with the option to transition into night. Our lashes are super durable and won't ever fall apart.


High quality lashes mean reusable lashes. Our strip lashes are reusable for up to 25+ daily wears (thats $0.79 per pair) and our magnetic collection is reusable for up to 40+ wears ($0.74 per pair).


Weightless and super gentle on sensitive eyes and skin made with ultra-fine Korean synthetic silk fibres - irritation NOT included.


Our lashes & beauty products are made with love and will never be tested on animals.

Save the Minks

Searching for lashes that feel like your own?

Say goodbye to uncomfortable lashes and hello to Korean silk lashes.

Lashes are handcrafted individually with ultra-fine Korean synthetic silk fibres.

Lashes feel weightless, soft at the touch and fluffy with just the right amount of volume for everyday wear.

Experience gentle and easy to apply lashes. Reusable for up to 40+ daily wears.

Cruelty-free, hypoallergenic and beginner friendly.

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