Glam Vibes: The Unveiling of Silk Lashes!

Glam Vibes: The Unveiling of Silk Lashes!

Let us spill the tea on PBT silk lashes – the unsung heroes of divine lash decadence.

PBT, or polybutylene terephthalate, is the luxe secret behind our lashes that are about to redefine your glam game. Think of them as the red carpet treatment for your eyes – lightweight, yet opulent, giving your eyes a flirtatious flutter that commands attention.

The benefits? Where do we start? They're cruelty-free, so you can bat those lashes with a clear conscience. But wait, there's more! PBT silk lashes are the shape-shifting chameleons of the lash world, maintaining their sultry curl and plush volume as if they're immune to the laws of gravity. No more clumpy mascara mess – with these lashes, it's all drama, all the time.

How many wears? 

Our silk PBT lashes are the marathon runners of glamour, ready to sashay down the catwalk of life multiple times. With the right care and love, these lashes can go the distance. Typically, you can expect these lashes to be your loyal companions for around 20 to 25 wears, making them the VIP pass to an extended love affair. Whether you are strutting through daily escapades or hitting the town for a dazzling night, your silk lashes are here for the encore.


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