Is Lashes of Decadence Cruelty-Free?

Yes, both our magnetic and strip lashes are Cruelty-Free. Our lashes are made from a PBT synthetic silk blend with no animal or human hair. Animals are not used in the testing of our lashes and products.

How many times can I reuse my lashes?

With proper care and maintenance, our lashes are designed to be worn continuously for up to 20+ wears. Magnetic lashes for up to 40+ wears.

Pro tip: remove lashes from the outside corners, clean them frequently, and keep them in a safe place - lash case and/or lash storage. Our lash cases are also made to last, keeping your falsies secure.

How are Lashes of Decadence lashes made?

Our magnetic and strip lashes are made by hand with PBT synthetic silk fibres. They're the most natural, delicate, and weightless lashes, mimicking the look of natural lashes - but even better!

Our lashes are bound together with non-toxic, hypoallergenic sealant, resulting in the thinnest and most secure lash band for flexibility, weightless wear, comfort, and high-quality performance.

Will wearing false lashes harm my natural eyelashes?

No! False lashes, when applied and removed correctly, should not damage your natural lashes. Strip lashes are the safest alternative, keeping your natural lashes healthy and strong.

How do I remove my lashes?

We suggest using micellar water. Water-based makeup remover is also effective. Apply a small amount with a q-tip to each corner of the eyelash and along the lash band. Carefully peel lashes from the outside corners to the inner corners. Ensure to keep your lashes in their lash tray and case for longevity and to retain their shape for next use.

I need some lash wear and care advice!

  • Avoid swimming or bathing in your lashes
  • Do not sleep with your lashes on
  • For maximum longevity, always store lashes in their lash tray and case after each use. The lash tray will maintain the lash band's 'curve' shape for easy application next use, and the lash case will protect your lashes free of unwanted dust and bacteria
  • Always use tweezers and gently peel from the outside corners when removing lashes from the lash tray
  • Be gentle with your lashes
  • Avoid the use of mascara on false lashes
  • When cleaning lashes, avoid using oil or oil-based products. Oil can be difficult to remove and can cling to fibres

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How long will it take to process my order?

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