Mastering the Magnetic Magic: A Glam Guide to Perfectly Applying Magnetic Lashes!

Mastering the Magnetic Magic: A Glam Guide to Perfectly Applying Magnetic Lashes!

Hey there, fabulous! So, you've got these magnetic lashes that are about to take your lash game to a whole new level of fabulousness and get ready slay the day.

Here's the lowdown on how to apply them with ease:

  1. Get those eyes ready! First things first, make sure your eyelids are clean and free from any oily residue. A clean canvas is a happy canvas. Grab your fave gentle makeup remover and wipe away any excess oils or makeup.

  2. Measure it up! Grab those magnetic lashes and gently place them along your lash line. Get a feel for how much excess you've got hanging out at the outer edge. We're talking about the part that goes beyond your natural lash line. With a pair of lash scissors, snip off the excess at the outer edge.

  3. Shake it! Give our magnetic liquid liner a little shake. Mix it up, so it's ready to bring the drama to your eyes. Our liner is like the magic wand for your lashes!

  4. Precision of an artist draw a sleek line along your upper lash line using our magnetic liquid liner. This is where the magic begins – the magnetism that'll lock those lashes in place.

  5. Patience is a virtue! Let that magnetic liquid liner dry for a hot minute. We know it's tempting to bat those lashes right away, but trust the process - patience is the key to perfection.

  6. Lash on, lash strong! Grab those magnetic lashes and gently place them on top of the dried magnetic liquid liner. Feel the magic as they snap into place - don't forget to add a little pressure.

  7. Adjust and werk it! If you're feeling a bit of a perfectionist moment, no worries! Lift those lashes and adjust until they're sitting pretty. Your eyes, your rules – adjust until you're feeling fierce.

You've just mastered the art of magnetic lashes. And there you have it, the glam guide to applying magnetic lashes with sass and style. Go out there and slay the day.

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