Ines - Magnetic Korean Silk Lashes | Lashes of Decadence
Ines - Magnetic Korean Silk Lashes | Lashes of Decadence
Ines - Magnetic Korean Silk Lashes | Lashes of Decadence
Ines - Magnetic Korean Silk Lashes | Lashes of Decadence
Magnetic Lashes


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Natural beauty will never go out of style. This petite doll lash style is delicate & exquisite. Featuring soft ultra-fine dual layers of short lashes in length, designed to open your eyes and blend in with your lashes. Perfect for smaller facial features.

  • 5x snap micro-magnets
  • Band length: 3.5cm
  • Lash length: 0.5cm (inner/outer), 1cm (center)
  • Suitable eye shapes,but not limited to: almond, hooded & round
  • Dual-layered, 3D volume and enhancement
  • Tampered tips - natural curl
  • Semi-gloss finish and ultra-fine fibres, mimicking natural lashes
  • Soft cotton black customisable lash band
  • Reusable for up to 40+ daily wears with proper care
  • Comes with a magnetic lash case and tray for safe storage & travelling

Magnetic Lash Application

  1. Measure lashes along the lash line, trim access (outer corners of the lash band)
  2. Apply a small amount of mascara to natural lashes OR curl lashes
  3. Line around 2-3 layers of Magentic Liner, the same length as the lash band. Wait for Magentic Liner to dry before lash application
  4. Apply lashes as close to your lash line

Note: do not apply mascara to false lashes.

Magnetic Lash Care

  1. Avoid sleeping in lashes
  2. Do not wet OR swim in lashes
  3. Avoid mascara
  4. Avoid oil-based products - use micellar water
  5. Clean lashes & nanomagnets every 2-3 wears 
  6. Store lashes in their lash case & tray - preserves lash life and keeps lashes safe from harmful bacteria

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What are your lashes made from?

Both magnetic and strip lashes are handcrafted with ultra-fine Korean synthetic silk fibres. They're the most natural, soft and weightless lashes on the market, mimicking natural lashes as they blend effortlessly with your own.

Are your lashes reusable?

Yes, our lashes are reusable with proper care:

  • Strip lashes - up to 25+ wears
  • Magnetic lashes - up to 40+ wears

Do your lashes come with lash adhesive?

Lash adhesive and magnetic liners are sold separately.

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