The Lashes of Decadence Story

The Lashes of Decadence Story

Lashes of Decadence - Founder/Ceo: Natasha Ricaud


"Lashes of Decadence was created to empower and boost confidence through beautifully designed handcrafted 3D Korean silk lashes. I have been and always will be a long time lover of lashes. Throughout my years of wearing false lashes, I struggled to find the perfect pair that was high in quality for everyday wear and reasonable in pricing. I was also shocked to discover that high costing lashes on the market to be low in quality. This is where the idea of Lashes of Decadence was born. Through extensive research we created 3D natural, soft and lightweight lashes with invisible/naked bands. We had chosen Korean silk over faux mink and silk lashes because Korean silk is the most soft, natural and featherless lashes. During our first year, we begun our journey by launching over 12 different lash styles ranging from light to dramatic volume. Our lashes have been designed to be worn with or without makeup (hello clear lash bands), accommodating every eye shape and desired glam. We hope that you've found your perfect pair of everyday worn wings and that you'll be part of our growing and evolving family for the many more exciting years to come!"
- Natasha


Cruelty Free

Lashes of Decadence is an eyelash and beauty brand that is 100% free from animals and animal testing. We pride ourself in delivering high quality products without harming our beautiful animals. We believe that it is important for everyone to understand where their lashes are being sourced from. Lashes of Decadence has ZERO tolerance for animal cruelty and/or harm. #SaveOurMinks

Ethically Sourced

Our lashes are free from harsh chemicals and dyes. Our lash professionals involved have a safe environment and are treated fairly. This also includes practised workplace health and hygiene. Lashes of Decadence lashes are hypoallergenic, perfect for even the most sensitive eyes. Our lashes are handcrafted with fine Korean synthetic silk fibres.

High in Quality

Made with soft fine Korean synthetic silk fibres resulting in double the layers, our lashes were created for lightweight wear, everyday comfort and longevity. Every pair of our lashes are reusable for up to 40+ wears with daily wear and proper care. Our naked/invisible band is flexible, soft and easy to apply - perfect for beginners. Our silk lashes mimic your natural lashes while providing the perfect volume.  


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