Lash Application, Wear and Care

Lash Application, Wear and Care

Applying lashes can be quite tricky and challenging, especially if you're a beginner. Please view below our tips and tricks from lash application to wear and care so you can get the most out of your lashes. Thank us later!

Lash Application

  1. Removal: gently peal your lashes from the outer corners - not inner! 
  2. Measure: place your lashes against your lash line. Once you're happy with the placement, trim excess lashes from the outer corners. You may need to trim the inner corners depending on the length of the lash band for extra comfortability - do not trim lashes from the inner corners.
  3. Glue: apply a generous and even amount of glue along the lash band. Feel free to add a little extra glue along the inner and outer corners for extra security and strength. Wait a few seconds or until glue becomes tacky before proceeding to lash application.
  4. Application: look down at a mirror - this will help with a smoother lash application. With a lash applicator, place your lash band as close to your lash line as possible. Secure the inner corners and work your way towards the outer corners. Not happy with the placement? It's okay, start at step 3 and try again!
  5. Pinch: once the glue has dried, with your clean index finger and thumb, pinch your strip lashes and natural lashes together - this will create a strong bond and blend both your lashes and lash band securely. 
  6. Want extra volume? simply use your clean index finger or a lash brush and brush upwards from the bottom

Lash Wear and Care

Our lashes are designed for continuous use for up to a month with daily wear and proper care. To get the most wears out of your new lashes, be sure to follow the following:

Cleaning your lashes

  1. Before you clean your lashes, be sure that you have worn them for at least 3 wears. In order to clean your lashes, there needs to be a build up of glue for smooth removal.
  2. Once there is a build up of glue, using a q-tip and oil-free makeup remover, apply a generous amount along the lash band.
  3. Use tweezers to gently strip off lash glue.
  4. Place lashes back in their lash tray and box for longevity, free from dust and bacteria. This will also help keep your lashes 'curve' shape for easy application next use.

Wear and Care

  • Do not go swimming or bath in your lashes
  • Avoid sleeping with your lashes on
  • After each use, always place lashes back in their lash tray and case for longevity. The lash tray will keep the 'curve' shape of the lash band for easy application next use
  • When removing lashes from the lash tray or eyes, always use tweezers and gently peel from the outer corners, always!
  • Always handle lashes with love and care - please be gentle with your lashes
  • Avoid using mascara - our lashes are engineered with tapered tips for natural curl and enhanced volume. Use clean fingers or a clean lash bush and brush your lashes upwards from the bottom for an enhanced 3D effect
  • Do not use oil or oil based products/makeup remover when cleaning lashes. Oil can be difficult to remove and this could potentially destroy your lashes.

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