How to Apply Our Adhesive Liquid liner

How to Apply Our Adhesive Liquid liner

STEP 1: Shake bottle well before each use. Line a generous amount along lash line (at least 2-3 applications) ensuring it's the same length as your lash band. Wait for at least 30 seconds for liner to absorb into skin before applying lashes.

Tip: pay extra attention to your inner corners. Feel free to directly apply your Adhesive Liquid Liner onto inner corners of lash band for extra security. 

STEP 2: Apply a little amount of pressure across the lash band during lash application as this will activate an important 'adhesive like' ingredient in comparison to magnetic liner.

Tip: pressure also straighten and secures your lash band into place.

STEP 3: And you're done. Our liquid adhesive liner can also be worn on its own.

Tip: Store your Adhesive Liquid Liner in a safe dry place laying flat. Please keep out of reach from children.

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