About Korean Silk Lashes

Our ultra-fine lashes are natural and weightless. Handcrafted with soft Korean synthetic fibres.



Comfort is important. Our lashes do not irritate or cause any discomfort - including our lash bands: thin & easy to apply yet durable.



Mimicking natural lashes while effortlessly blending with your own


Super soft & gentle.

Soft at the touch and gentle on the skin/eyes.



Perfect for everyday wear & comfort, they honestly feel like your own.



Our lashes are made with love and will never be tested or used on animals.



Gentle, perfect for the most sensitive eyes and skin.


Durable & strong.

Lashes are guaranteed to not fall apart.


Tampered tips.

For a natural curl & enhanced volume. No need to add mascara after each application.


Semi-gloss finish.

An elegant touch to our lashes, just like your own natural lashes.


Super easy to apply & manipulate

Our lash bands are thin, super flexible and easy to manipulate. Also perfect for beginners!


Less maintenance.

Easy to clean.

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